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W2820VF450 Price lowered!

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1.Type: Westcode SCR

2.Conditon :New and Original

3.Delivery time: ins tock

4.Warranty time:90days 

5.MOQ:1piece /units

6. Shipping terms: DHL/ TNT/ UPS/ Fedex/ EMS



1. Hermetic metal/ceramic cases

2. Capsule package for double sided cooling

3. Shallow design with single sided cooling

4. International standard cases

5. Off-state and reverse voltages up to 1800V

6. Amplifying gate


Typical Applications

1. DC motor control

2. Controlled rectifiers

3. AC controllers


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  1. Customer: Totok Bian. 2016-06-10
    I've sent email, please reply soon ... thanks
  2. Customer: francisco javier delgado. 2016-04-15
    is for 110v or 220v? thank you
    email: instalacionesdelgado@hotmail.es
  3. Customer: Juan Seoane. 2016-02-24
    is this item is new ? or used ? or refreshed?
      Reply: by www.yaspro.com 2016-02-26 17:43:00
      It's new original.
  4. Customer: corcier jean françois. 2016-02-21
    Excellent quality of service. Fast delivery. Thank Yaspro!
  5. Customer: Christianni Rabelo. 2015-10-05
    Good morning, also has this product for sale?I await your return email: financeiro@clinicaimma.com.br
      Reply: by www.yaspro.com 2015-12-15 23:34:35
      Thanks for your message. You have got our reply on time,is it?
  6. Customer: Inam Alizada. 2015-06-09
    110 VAC COIL?
  7. Customer: hesham mohammed. 2013-08-28
    is this item is new ? or used ? or refreshed?

    please reply me>

  8. Customer: Daniel Filip. 2013-06-03
    great, that's what I need.
  9. Customer: . 2013-01-31
    Excellent quality of service. Fast delivery. Thank Yaspro!
  10. Customer: Daniel Filip. 2012-08-12
    It looks good. I'll try to book it here.
  11. Customer: Daniel Filip. 2012-07-13
    Thanks. I just got it.
  12. Customer: let wang. 2012-07-04
  13. Customer: let wang. 2012-07-03
  14. Customer: let wang. 2012-07-03
    This is very good.This is very good.This is very good.
      Reply: by www.yaspro.com 2012-07-03 18:36:13
  15. Customer: Daniel Filip. 2012-07-01
    Thanks, I've got the IGBT. It works!
      Reply: by www.yaspro.com 2012-07-01 20:31:06
      Welcome. We're happy they're ok for you.
  16. Customer: Daniel Filip. 2012-05-22
    Good service

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