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Hot weather

The hot weather is unbearable. we here in Shanghai ,the temperature can go up to 40 degree,

People can only enjoy a little coolness early at dawn and late at night.

Once the sun has risen there is no relief.at once the heat begins.

Walking in the burning sunshine becomes torturing and wearying.


Perhaps it would be all right if you could stay inside your house and keep fairly cool.

But you simply do not have the luck, and have to go out,as most people must do.

Then you can't help but feel the power of the blazing sun.

Sometimes the heat might be very fierce,like the blast of a furnace.

The heat gets more and more in tense until about six o'clock in the afternoon.


when the sun sets down in the west.But a hot summer day is not without charm.

If you get up before dawn,you may take a pleasant walk.

You will see there is just a faint light in the eastern sky and the stars are beginning to fade.


A cool breeze blows and the birds are just walking. The grass is cool.

 the shadowy trees are rustling their leaves,and the air is full of fragrances.

Then you will have enjoyed the best.

The hot weather


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