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MG500Q1US2 Price lowered!

Price: $85.00


(price reduced by 15 %)

  • Specification 500A/1200V/1U
  • MFG Toshiba
  • Lead time Ex-stock


100 items in stock

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MG500Q1US2 Toshiba GTR Module

1. Large in Stock
2. Cheap & fast delivery
3. Test before shipping
4. Warranty of each item


  • Specification 500A/1200V/1U
  • MFG Toshiba
  • Lead time Ex-stock

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  1. Customer: Ahmed Elnayal. 2019-10-21
    can you please send me a photo for the namr plate of the device not the box.. thank you
  2. Customer: wahyu hartanto. 2019-02-24
    is this item new and original from manufacture?
  3. Customer: weng hoe alan ng. 2019-02-20
    do you have a datasheet?
  4. Customer: Joshua Villarreal. 2018-05-22
    you have on stock?
  5. Customer: Amber Chang. 2018-05-10
    In stock? Can I use other express it? Like sf-express?
  6. Customer: devin ou. 2017-12-04
    FANUC A290-0561-V502, in stock and brand new with origin package?
      Reply: by www.yaspro.com 2018-03-12 01:01:09
      We could provide A290-0561-V502.
      May I know your email? So could send details to you.
  7. Customer: rajan dhrangadharia. 2017-08-21
    i need fanuc transformer no A45L-0001-0341 listed in your products with same number, the number written on your pats is "0314 k" but i need part with "0314 1609"

  8. Customer: Hampton RUCKLI. 2017-06-06
    Hello, following my order here is an IMPORTANT QUESTION :

    The reference received is: 6MBI450U-120 450A 1200V 1407
    The reference I needed is: 6MBI450U-120 / AGDR71C

    Could you confirm me that we are talking about the same product here ?
    I want to be sure that it is the same components.
  9. Customer: chuang Ruby. 2017-05-31
    Do you still have any new available?
  10. Customer: FELIPE VIDIGAL. 2017-04-11
    Hi is the board compatible with the driver model ACS550-01-125A-4?
  11. Customer: OH SUJIN. 2017-03-07
    Does it spec is 100A 1600V? not 100A 1200V?
      Reply: by www.yaspro.com 2010-12-01 01:57:47
      2RI100G-120 is exactly 100A 1200V.
      Do you need datasheet of it?
  12. Customer: Federico de la Cruz Riz. 2016-11-21
    Thanks Yaspro and Maggie, the diodes arrived today (5 days from China to Argentina), everything in good looking condition and very well packaged. Tomorrow we will install them. Thanks! Will buy again from you for sure!!
  13. Customer: Totok Bian. 2016-06-10
    I've sent email, please reply soon ... thanks
  14. Customer: Juan Seoane. 2016-02-24
    is this item is new ? or used ? or refreshed?
      Reply: by www.yaspro.com 2016-02-26 17:43:00
      It's new original.
  15. Customer: corcier jean françois. 2016-02-21
    Excellent quality of service. Fast delivery. Thank Yaspro!
  16. Customer: Inam Alizada. 2015-06-09
    110 VAC COIL?
  17. Customer: hesham mohammed. 2013-08-28
    is this item is new ? or used ? or refreshed?

    please reply me>

  18. Customer: Daniel Filip. 2013-06-03
    great, that's what I need.
  19. Customer: . 2013-01-31
    Excellent quality of service. Fast delivery. Thank Yaspro!
  20. Customer: Daniel Filip. 2012-08-12
    It looks good. I'll try to book it here.
  21. Customer: Daniel Filip. 2012-07-13
    Thanks. I just got it.
  22. Customer: let wang. 2012-07-04
  23. Customer: let wang. 2012-07-03
  24. Customer: let wang. 2012-07-03
    This is very good.This is very good.This is very good.
      Reply: by www.yaspro.com 2012-07-03 18:36:13
  25. Customer: Daniel Filip. 2012-07-01
    Thanks, I've got the IGBT. It works!
      Reply: by www.yaspro.com 2012-07-01 20:31:06
      Welcome. We're happy they're ok for you.
  26. Customer: Daniel Filip. 2012-05-22
    Good service

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